System Details

The electronic system of the FreeTron Bifuel System communicates with the CAN-Bus which is available in every modern truck. It controls the injection of diesel and LPG into the engine.  

The system is completed by an evaporator which transforms the liquid gas into the gaseous status, as well as valves, injectors, gas line and the gas tank.

During operation the ECU calculates the optimum amount of LPG to be injected based on engine data like rotational speed, acceleration etc.


All parts of the FreeTron Bifuel System are certified after EN 67-R-07 (European standard for LPG installations in vehicles).
Due to the usage of LPG/Autogas the thermic stress onto the diesel engine is reduced. Hence the lifetime of the engine improves by far.

  • Safety and Security of the System:

Diesel GasBulk Gas

Save up to 15% on fuel costs and protect the environment by burning clean LPG in diesel engines.

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