Saving heating costs with a gas meter

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With a switch to FLAGA BestComfort with settlement via gas meter you save heating costs immediately: you have a discount of 5 to 20% (compared to the list price development in the last year) - and still use other benefits of a modern energy supply:

  • Transparent consumption control: FLAGA mounts at you, unless this is technically feasible for your gas system, a calibrated gas meter that shows your usage accurately and with which in the future your heating costs will be billed..
  • No storage fee : You pay your annual heating costs not all at once, but similar to your electricity bill in monthly packages of bank recovery procedures.
  • Automatic delivery : FLAGA fill your tank due to computerized calculations without an order is necessary.
  • Advantageous gas price: Simplified logistics and lower transport costs mean a better and more constant gas price for you.
  • No surprises : Select the additional option "service and maintenance by FLAGA" so all the checks of your LPG supply are covered in the future by paying a small monthly fee and if there will be really a malfunction FLAGA will resolve this for free.

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